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Barrow BID approves ZEST's funding request to buy a weed destroyer

Last month ZEST submitted a funding request to Barrow BID to help improve the cleanliness of Barrow Town Centre, and we are delighted to announce that the funding has been approved.

The weed destroyer, called a 'Cubb Weed Brush' will be used to literally rip out weeds and remove moss.

We plan firstly to start on the town centre car parks, making them cleaner and more welcoming for all those that park there.

Also as part of the funding, Barrow BID have sponsored 3 Community Clean events in the town centre during 2019. The first of which will take place on Wednesday 26th June, giving the town centre a clean before the Soapbox event rolls in.

The Barrow Town Centre Community Clean will include litter picking, washing street furniture, graffiti removal, removal of weeds and a general clean up of shop fronts.

If you would like to get involved in the town centre clean come to the statue outside McDonalds on Wednesday 26th June. The clean will take place from 5pm - 7pm.

More info here:

Matt Blackburn from ZEST said: "I would like to thank Barrow BID for the financial support to help us improve the cleanliness of our town centre.

"Machines like the weed brush enable our action group to cover more area, making cleaning our town as easy as possible.

"The machine will be arriving next week and will be put straight into action.

"We all want Barrow Town Centre to be as welcoming as possible and with your help we can be proud of where we live, work and shop. So if you can spare an hour or two please come along to the Barrow Town Centre Community Clean event."

A video of the weed brush in action:

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