tory burch flats

tory burch flats In particular, the most famous is only half the package, in addition to the special half-moon does not have any other decorations, this low-key style, but so many girls like it more and more.
Clifton is Mulberry newly appointed design director Johnny Coca masterpiece, subvert all previous college air bags seriousness, he became rebellious and young and lovely packet.
Is the most iconic bags on two circular snaps, can be seen on many new products this year, it is called Press Studs, is the new director of the most iconic design, Jian Jie small bag with metal chain circle ring , with a little bit small rebellion in Moe.
3.1 Phillip Lim Zip package that you definitely bought, or at least had grass, the late bloomer of the designer gave us a more Jian Jie and personalized options, Alix.
As the main push money 2015 autumn and winter show field, Alix simple to the bag body only a large metal decorative pins, people saw it will never forget, a sister and little friends affectionately call it the “big pin child”, w tory burch sale hile 1217 has been a weeding
2017 preview, and today we take a look at the 2017 stars are what kind of street shooting stars have always been considered to be the fashion, one little secret inspiration from their share of the outfit is definitely a learning fashion.
Backpack now rising popularity of shoulder bags also appeared frequently at home and abroad of street shooting star.The classic logo buckle and chain bag with a highly recognizable, compared to 2. tory burch espadrilles 55 and LeBoy, shoulder bag is elegant and playful reveals a more clever.
Faye’s popularity has been no need to go into details, large and small street shooting has already laid the identity of Faye It Bag.But this time, we are saying is Faye backpack.
Gucci family from 2016 occupied the street shooting half, nearly a staff of people, but on the popularity, double G is definitely the number one.From quilting to love the new double G, the classic marks 70 years of new interpretation, both retro and stylish, do not blame the star of people at home and abroad love it!
Since J.W.Anderson tory burch flats served as designer, Loewe is like hanging open, like rushed back to the forefront of the trend.The mention of Loewe, the first is the Puzzle.Package to its name, stitched together like jigsaw puzzle package, both perfectly demonstrates the Loewe established a solid leather production process, in turn collide color to the extreme.
Using the world’s rarest and most tory burch uk expensive sable and Chinchilla rat skin made of, material and delicate, feel super soft.
Designer Hilde Palladino masterpiece, crocodile skin production, at first glance there is nothing special about the bag, but a closer Chou Chou, that 39 white diamonds on a platinum metal on vivid.
Handbag design of this type of rose is unique, beautiful bag surface studded with 1016 diamonds, 1169 pink Lan Baoshi and 800 tourmalines, under these jewel is 18K white gold bag body, like only Rose the woman can be worthy of this unique bag.
Bag with silver metal alligator material handmade, 1500 inlaid with black, white small drill.The limited edition bag is the politicians and Hollywood actress wife’s favorite, can get such a bag is rea tory burch uk lly great luck, the former US president’s wife Laura and the late British Princess Diana, is this bag loyal fans.Lana only allows a star with this bag a year on the red carpet.
And a classic Aimashibo gold package (Birkin), bag buckle studded with white diamonds on 10 kt.
3, Chanel () “Forever Diamond” (Diamond Forever) Classic
This is also an extravagant bags.Alligator, 334 diamond decoration, platinum metal, 18K gold chain with a long strap, this bag is a total of only 13 produced, of which five in the United States, do not know where the other eigh tory burch flats t were sold.
Bags made of platinum, at the expensive of the bag is the use of diamond 2182, a total weight of 208 kt.The unique design of the bag, as the bag can be used in addition to, but can also be removed on the diamond chain necklace or bracelet to function as a packet.Sinking huge 8 carat diamond on the package can be removed to separate.
1, Arabian Nights Diamond Pack – US companies produce Mouadwad
US Mouawad’s this “1001 Nights Diamond Purse” officially certified Guinness world record
November 23, 2015, the United States Mouawad’s this “1 tory burch sale 001 Nights Diamond Purse” (1001 Nights Diamond Pack) officially certified the Guinness Book of World Records, became the world’s most expensive bag, photo card.Although the price is too outrageous, but you naturally have your truth.Bag entire section, took 8,800 hours to complete the hand-made by a 18K gold skilled craftsmen 10, bag making section 4517 diamonds were used (including yellow diamond 105, 56 pink diamond, white diamond 4356 ), diamonds weighing a total of 381.92 kt.This is not so much a bag, you might as well say that this is a company to do Mouawad diamond show.
Birkin bag is taken from the name of British actress Jane Birkin, Hermes boss and once she sat with a plane, she told him depict his mind practical and stylish bag tory burch uk look like.In 1984, the Birkin bag was born, from victory to victory.
package originally called the “Courroie”, due Kate Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly with love, pregnant belly cover used it to escape the paparazzi lens, image spread all over the world, thus renamed the Kelly bag.
Smiley package was born in 2015, was the inventor of Celine took just stick design director of Pheobe Philo.This package is unique shape, pure lines, offers a variety of color combinations, both sides of the “bat wings” can restore revenue into four bags, full-featured, so popular.
Bamboo package available since 1947, this bamboo package is changed from the classic version.Curved bamboo handle the splicing of at least 140 from bamboo hand, the bag body using alligator, wild boar, foal python skin or skin, people will be able to identify out.