tory burch flip flops

tory burch flip flops As the saying goes “do good deeds, but not as small, small and whom not to be evil.”.I hope I can pay sufficient attention to the recommendations backpack passengers, and become one of the precautions we take the subway Wen Ming.
This large bag made countless tired ~ ~ ~ ~ month!!!Find the process a little picture, send it.
A good leather cut, photo looks too little, only to find this.No drawings he made gestures.
2 Edge of the leather needs to Edge.Edge I put a little wet side, then coarse sandpaper, a little color, continue sanding, cutting edge, and then painted, polished stick sanding again, apply a small amount bed, continue grinding, repeated several times behind the two, sanding and polishing few rub smooth s tory burch uk ealing wax.
3 is a side of the bag, there did not take pictures, so jump directly to this step it!The upper pouch seam sachet because not fixed with glue, so with an awl to fix a hole punch bit and then.This pouch sewn spent an hour, the bag can not fixed, the main leather too big, to turn sent the TAT tired.
5 do shoulder strap.Cut four different length and width of the tape out, I first hole to lay the fishes stic tory burch outlet uk kers, double-sided punch.Is then affixed to the seam line and then Edge.
11 on the locking plug.In fact, this step a little upside down, it should first main surface to be a good place to install.At that time too impatient, not to the accessories I’ll sew the bag, but fortu tory burch flip flops nately behind positioning is accurate, smooth installation up.
12 lined bags, the process did not shoot ye.First inner bag to the small slit pigskin, and then sewn into a pig tot look similar, the skin on the bottom seam leather, pigskin to tory burch uk p flange, start seam.
13 count completed ~~ missed some steps, take some more work the next course it ha ha
Liu Wen outfit like small partners are well known cousin absolutely solid two option packages
This time, cousin picked up a bear bag from Moschino 2017 autumn and winter series, but also funny girl with a heavy sense
Moschino bag has always been sought after by various quarters fine fashion, from Yang power to shut Xiaotong
And by Moschino’s favorite stars, Jeremy Scott, creative director of credit tory burch outlet uk for really big!
Ballet sister vaguely remember Moschino 2015 autumn and winter series, Jeremy Scott to bring a very personal characteristics Moschino T stage debut, McDonald inspired bags, humorous, “attractive” get people to move without opening the eyes!
And then from that, Moschino embarked on a “not madness, do not tory burch flip flops survive,” the road from the “Barbie wardrobe”
2016 autumn and winter series of “cigarette box” and the spring and summer of 2017 “2-D world,” and “drug can not stop.”
Then 2017 autumn and winter series of “recycled bags” and “trash”
The fashion goblins of these “fine points” thousands of pet bags are also fully expressed, and as long as they do not “interesting soul”, but also have real fun bag to quell the scene!Today, ballet sister to come and talk to those you can “town gathering place” in their bags tory burch uk !
Olympia Le-tan from France, playing the fashion session of “intellectuals children” line is a little late to the distinctive way
Handmade most famous works, the number of books to the shape of grosgrain Clutch
At first glance, it is a rich content of the book, but in fact it is fashionable tory burch sandals box package.Decorative handmade embroidery, veteran British department store Liberty’s signature prints lined, reveals a deep dramas, fine and delicate
Originally, Olympia Le-Tan bag to classics, a source of inspiration for the design of a fairy tale
Recently, she also started on the “comic”, to flex its muscles, laugh, apart from also no shortage of means to promote feminism
Natalie Portman like to use it to match the dress, witty hit elegance, the effect is surprisingly good!
“Cinderella” Lily James took the Cinderella story book style Olympia Le-Tan attended the event, there are more seasonal occasion than this it