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tory burch outlet uk As of the end of the National Day vacation for seven days, for a period of more than a month of spring and summer 2017 Fashion Week and we say goodbye.Fashion Week each year to see what everyone’s favorite?I believe many female compatriots most like to see is the show in the bag, after all, for the package, such as life addicted to us, the trends for the coming year can not know the bag.
Since it is a like-minded partner, we summarize the following spring and summer 2017 fashion week in 10 large bags of fashion trends, you have to defeat next year’s models in this election there is enough!
If you are concerned about the 2017 spring and summer fashion week, not difficult to find many of the show have emerged over the small figure of the bag, the bag industry for the coming year is definitely a trend, although what things can not be installed, but the fine small, addictive.Like Givenchy directly linked to it as a necklace, while Hermes and Valentino is playing a combination of a small bag, it seems that the fashion industry is prepared to d tory burch outlet uk rain our wallets do not hesitate ah.
Gabbana, are doing specialist square box package, this year is also the simple shape of the box package, full of girly.
Sometimes the show is not only able to see the trends of the bag, the models take the package will be one way to pose the most in the coming year, such as this year especially popular h tory burch outlet uk and bag, put the bag strap so many shorter, eg: Victoria
We all know that the designers do the design has always been to achieve the ultimate, great fun going big, oversized bags comeback show floor this year, you have to hold large, carrying, carrying, looking for a pinch model sweat, no height or girl do not try, but no doubt, the era of big bags to come.
In color, this show is particularly popular metallic colors, Louis
Vuitton, and other brands have launched metallic bag, the back must also be able to cool a.
Some bags are to fight the Yen value, and some bags are to funny, like Moschino pill packages, bags or robots, but these modeling “hot eye” bags next year is still a popular tre tory burch sale nd the main.
After reading this bag spring and summer fashion trends 2017, next year you have to lose almost all of the models in it, come tell us about a bag which you have to chop hand column list for the coming year of it?
Today’s # # Baozi P tory burch outlet uk u bring everyone to look at this session of the high-set show off, fashionistas from around the world are gradually getting back the bag.In addition to the trends show, show off also should not be ignored, perhaps they are now back in the bag will be the trend next year, can not say.
Of course, if they think they are back big-name goods, and you turn cash-strapped, it does not matter!Our intimate send cheap alternative models for you, make you jump on the bandwagon and no pressure.
This year high set show off, a lot of fashion people took all the metal ring style bag, this style of bag is particularly popular this year, not only can Shoulin shoulder, back and show off the most is Chloe’s this classic.
If Chloe get too expensive, or too many people back, here to give you recommend a small minority of the metal air bags called Roksanda.Two big metal ring is a major feature of Roksanda, modeling simple and practical, but also very sense of design.
Love Myriam Schaefer bag, its capacity seems to be packed all my articles, but not so big as luggage, soft leather and good to carry, while the bag is the most durable way to Alexand tory burch shoes sale er Wang’s wallet, two support iPhone (mobile Internet) (one for work, one for private use), Oliver Peoples sunglasses of a classic, favorite lipstick, and you can keep a clear mints, footwear chose ballet flat shoes, convenient brisk walking and ganchang.
Good bright and contents of the package shall ah: Marni printed vinyl-and-leather shopper, Comme des Gar?ons purse, Paperthinks large plain notebook, Burt’s Bees lip balm, S tory burch sale mythson small cosmetic bag.Is people will look and feel good bag contents.
CĂ©line bag section, 3.1 Phillip Lim Cosmetic (I love this one), Dior nail cream, YSL lip gloss, Repetto ballet flat shoes (wear very comfortable), Alexander Wang card holder.
Someone once said that Mansur Gavriel bags but the eyes of the best pickpockets ste tory burch outlet uk al one kind of the package, but she does not care, because she liked its simplicity and unique, and can hold her MacBook Air, iPad mini, iPhone (mobile Internet) etc., Frends Layla headphones, Kate Spade Carlisle Street Lacey wallet, Moleskine large Volant notebook.
Summer is cool to wear skirts and shorts of the season, a simple lightweight single product to become this season’s favorite girls, as control of small bags fairies, the temperature is too hot weather, how to choose a make whole bag is the key style, cool feeling instantly doubling!
Cool summer clothes to style the main, naturally can not be too heavy bags, mini bags, bamboo bags, transparent bags, bags have become this summer’s fashion trends.
Background Many baby let me recommend bamboo bag, this year, be sure to recommend your CULT GAIA family’s bamboo bag, summer fashion bloggers seems to be carrying a bag of their home this bamboo, fresh and simple, as if filled with a whole su tory burch outlet uk mmer.
Many people are afraid to carry bamboo basket kind of package both visual sense, which compares with the skill test, some of the features of national wind skirt or collar design of a single product can control bamboo package.
Jessica Alba, Jenn Lake are pink circle, Simon sister with a piece wide leg pants with this bag there are fresh gas field.
In addition to a half of design styles, other bags also very characteristic, giving a casual yet comfortable holiday feel.
The price you are most concerned about, NAP above have become available, and 215 pounds, delicate heart shape and price of water has been cut to make people hand okay ~ ~