tory burch purse

tory burch purse In the show floor, which reduced to a minimum with the package approach is also very common, but made some new attempt on the back method, we could even have thought so fashionable breakthrough in shape.▼
This is definitely a magical length, it is put in the hands not long; Messenger will not be short; dorsal and just let you have one second distinctive Chic !
Chain bag biggest feature is the texture, regardless of the overall shape can give extra points with what clothes a lot, and a lot of big names have launched a classic with a short chain bag, stylish people make love!
And one-piece dress with short chain belt package is to enhance the elegance of the artifact, whether it is money or Blingbling soft fringed leather dress incidentally tough atmosphere, in small dorsal waist bag can make you feminine.
For more casual white shirt or jeans, slim with short chain bag with just softened neutral tough, plu tory burch wallet s a large red lips, the collision of retro fashion sense.
When the short side back with a small bag, just in position around the waist of a little square, things are super easy to get there.
The same is with elegant one-piece dress, autumn wind howling, the chain feel charming and touching skirt dancing together.
Bag strap length back method, on the basis of the present degree of fashion.So, whether wearing a simple white Slogan T, or get fancy printing vest, it seemed less important.Confidently thrown from the hands of the bag, though it is itself not so much deliberate design, but also to fly Chic.
Bags are popular in the world can equal shares of the chain bag, it must be wide shoulder strap tory burch purse bag.If the chain bag is “basic models” so wide shoulder strap bag even if it is by virtue of daring and strong plasticity advantage “has stepped into” a model of you, especially Mini package industry darling, oh.
Wide shoulder straps short paragraph is not only very good-looking and practical, especially in winter, no matter how thick you wear a jacket, wide straps across the shoulders can obediently.
Designers can design sense ideas inspiration for shoulder strap design, wide shoulder straps giving more personalized; advantage also allows the length of the arm just caught the bag, the bag is both safe and avoid constantly tory burch pumps slipping off awkward.
Code backpack fashionable woman should know that: Instead of taking “package sea tactics”, it is better to explore the diverse back method with one or two small bag of fine short.If you just use the number of packages including charge number, can find a really suitable for their own are single say, does not necessarily load wallet can afford it?A bag can be used to create 10 million kinds of modeling, it is worth thumbs up!
As the saying goes are concentrated essence, is also used in the bag that does not leave.Capacity is small, but the delicacy of makes you never be able to ignore its charm.
With short packets also use hand carry fashionable just right.No brains to nest in the hands of the long belt package poser, picked up and left, natural and casual.Moderate drape can also help lengthen the body proportions, do both.
Size s tory burch bracelet lightly larger and more bags full of street sense, there is a vigorous and resolute style of Monster.Go cool style girls can try, maybe that is the most pull the wind valiant street landscape tory burch bracelet .
If you have a chain bag bag with wide shoulder straps do comparison, then a very real problem appeared in the Messenger of collocation.Relatively thin and heavy chain bag, especially when the Messenger, it is easy to fold clothes Le out of embarrassment, but for weaker drape wide shoulder strap bag, naturally avoid such problems, not to mention with the belt package shorter, problem solved friends!
Korean Young Jin Jang of Instagram account self-introduction is quite Jian Jie – there are only two bags Emoji graphics, write the “designer” of the English word – this is her career has been in the fight for positioning.
Since April, Young Jin Jang attended the International Talent Support (later known as ITS) Awards zipper and buckle button component manufacturers in Japan YKK held her design of the bag for the first time her own name out of the name.Previously, she was a junior designer bags at a South Korean company, the bo tory burch wallet ss also occasionally “If you like your job, you will be able to do well,” so to feed her chicken soup.
This is the 15th held YKK ITS game.In the preliminary stage, ITS received a total of 935 works coming from 78 countries worldwide, including 184 students from 54 countries participated in the contest application.Competition is divided into “fashion”, “Accessories,” “jewelry” and “work of art” four categories -.In addition to the fashion group selected 11 finalists, the other three categories were all elected 10 candidates for th tory burch purse e final.
Young Jin Jang of this series is called ROOM FOR THE MAN.The entire series is not confined to the bag design, also it includes briefcases, handbags, wallets, iPad case, laptop bag and a few picnic single product.
The entire series is one of the key briefcase, briefcase is made from whole raw wood.Young Jin Jang wood inside this bag design patchwork, and it functions more like the “aircraft carrier”, handbags, wallets, iPad case, laptop several other single product can find their place in the briefcase.
Young Jin Jang as handbags, iPad shell, the tory burch bracelet bottom of the notebook design materials of wood, they can be “seamless” and the “aircraft carrier” briefcase docking.The most interesting may be pieced together like Lego as a single product between these.The wood picnic at the bottom of the bag into a bottle of wine but also white.
“My designs are influenced by Asian wood building design.I.e. tenon joint structure, the junction between the respective members to coincide tenon, which is designed to allow the building to Ping Heng.When I was in Korea to visit Namsan Hanok Village, we discovered the clever design.”Young Jin Jang said,” I designed the collection includes a range of products, but they are not independent existence, they can be used separately, and also can be combined.Products to be practical and meaningful I do not want to make some public uproar from the public, something that can help people show off, I want to design the.”
After winning, Young Jin Jang went to the University of the Arts London to continue their studies Design.Now she ROOM FOR THE MAN series also on the University of the Arts London online “Art Gallery” Showtime exhibition.
In this platform, Young Jin Jang also her design has been further explanation.