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tory burch sunglasses Alma is a neighborhood of Paris, Paris is full of flavor, since the bag from birth to become one of the largest bag LV sales, and the times, from the leather models in 1996, the board money in 1997 to 2015 patent leather models, each one can be captured hearts.
In 1995, Princess Diana on an official visit to Paris.Then President Mrs. Bernadette Chirac presented to her for her to create a special Dior handbag.Princess Diana liked it very much, from leave the body.
2015, Hedi Slimane took over as director of Yves Saint Laurent design jobs, designed this bag, with a sense of permanence lines is a sign of one of Yves Saint Laurent, which is tory burch bags sale subject to seasonal restrictions of time and space multi-faceted use of it by modern women of all ages.
This bag takes its name from Boy Capel, Chanel lady beloved lover.As 2.55 bags successor, Boy Young naughty style is very moving, instantaneous fashion craze triggered.
In 2000, Nicolas Ghesquière of Balenciaga as design director, designed this bag it, traditional craftsmanship and extremely modern style, conquered the heart of women around the world.
Ralph Lauren’s classic bag models is Ricky (Mr. Lauren wife’s name), Soft Ricky is a refurbished classic style, even in Italy, making it American style glance.
Soft leather and a big lock, tory burch flats near London’s Hyde Park on the crown of the famous neighborhoods Paddington, is the birth of the self-locking head 2015 spring package.It is both stylish and practical, distinctive characteristics, so enter the ranks of classic.
Features: compact, with a handle, it is a cool choice for young girls.
Features: inspiration from the British countryside come, handmade soft suede.
Features: Bowling owl metal decoration as large bags, granules matte feel, with.
Features: Large volume design simple, soft leather, with gold-plated accessories, practical joker.
Laura career real turning point was moved to New York in 1985, he joined the US version ELLE.She put her advocate of “light makeup” concept brought to the United States.
“From Paris to New York life experiences gave me the inspiration.French women do not like looking finish painting, they often only painted a lipstick to go out, but A tory burch sunglasses merican women are like delicate makeup.Unfortunately, in the United States and we have not been able to build in the 1980s natural makeup products, they have to face thickly painted pink, in fact, do not know can be coated with a cream liquid foundation to cover blemishes before.”Laura says so.
Tory Burch was born in a v tory burch flats ery rich material and spiritual family, and my father is a well-known local banker, her mother was a famous actor.Growing up in such an environment Tory childhood became interested in fashion, childhood dream is to become a fashion designer.
But Tory Burch has not forgotten to do a fashion designer’s dream.One day in 2003, she decided on its own in the fashion circle of contacts accumulated to go it alone.
She was with her husband J.Christopher Burch co-founded the Tory Burch, and opened its first store in Manhattan’s Nuo Lita.
Although born with already high, but Tory B tory burch bags urch did not complacent, to become a “vase”, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, pursue the dream.Ms. Tory Burch he was kind enough to share with ELLE five proposals for working women.
In the just released Ms. Gucci 2015 spring and summer series, we again saw Jackie Soft bag figure, a bold breakthrough in the original unique style, also won the recent Yang Mi fashion taste great acclaim in favor.
Gucci 2015 spring and summer for her time in Milan Published September 17, 2015, the sharp-eyed you may find a model or shoulder or hand bag T stage is very familiar, yes this is the Gucci 2015 autumn and winter handbags series continu tory burch bags sale ation of Jackie Soft handbag.Yang Mi has repeatedly back at Milan Fashion Week this turn handbags debut, not only Freaky Yang Mi, this bag also won the favor of many Hollywood actress.
Jacqueline Kennedy (Jacqueline Kennedy) with gucci jackie handbag
Gucci Jackie Bag Handbag Jackie former US First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis very favorite handbag, and therefore her handbag named for the nickname.2015, Gucci creative director Frida Jana Ni which bags will re-introducing the ranks of classic Gucci handbags.
In the eyes of boys, for girls Why should there be so much of the package is quite understandable, they feel a package packing some daily necessities enough, why do you need so many packages, we can only say that you do not know the girls in the world!
For girls, buy the package is simply the pleasure of life, for understanding and bag division can be described as the thin, thin.Subparagraph different b tory burch sunglasses ags, different styles in different colors is divided, with different clothes and different styles require different color, which is the most basic, let us look at permutations and combinations, my God, this data can be imagined how the huge, it’s not all the time will be ou tory burch flats t of the new, buy new rate will never catch on speed.Moreover, the bag is also a symbol of your identity and taste, those limited edition designer bags, who did not want to get it.Therefore, in the hearts of the girls, the bag is really important.
However, in these huge data permutations and combinations in with the wrong probability it is quite large.Girls out the door, all kinds of unwinding ordered, choose clothes election for a long time, with the right makeup to clothes and was of a long time, finally somehow all this red tape, at this time, if the bag is not selected, simply come to naught, can really ruin all efforts before, so learn with the right bag is really important.Since the clothes and makeup spent a lot of time, but also give the bag to leave more time, choose a suitable bag, you get very different reactions, perfect to go out more.
Different occasions, different clothes, different makeup bag with all the stress, and also reflect the sophistication of a girl.Although the brand’s limited edition like, but not everyone can have, as long as you choose and match, ordinary bag can bring out the unexpected effect.We take a look, what are the need to pay attention on the bag with the place.