tory burch wedges

tory burch wedges Choo jelly bag classic style, tough line, can be worn on the shoulder and hand, but the style is relatively simple, but in determining color than you think, more than enough enough color choices Full.Jimmy
Edie parker box pack red carpet of the family shall jelly bag.In addition to carpet actress fight clothing, accessories also fight.As a personality and eye-catching Edie tory burch shoes sale Parker box package is a red carpet favorite actress, Edie
Parker family jelly bag, more suitable for red-carpet style, dress code on the user’s requirements are relatively high, the price of your side, if not diehard powder, it should be saved pockets.
Pink pear white: media people, however columnist Geyi original class entertainment from the media, have committed to the attitude of entertainment.Public number: geyiran666.
Previously, Liu Wen on Met-Gala, one stro tory burch boots ke off the audience’s Best Dressed.
In fact, cousin of the daily ride also find many good draw, the ins there.
The dress, there are casual, there is little dress, there are banquet skirt.But relied on big legs and waistline, Liu Wen is set in a sack supermodel who are good-looking, ordinary people a little difficult to copy them.
Visual her three months back the more than 50 packages, total more than 1 million.No wonder everyone says: Liu Wen camera, a photo packag tory burch shoes sale e!365 days is not heavy like!
So, to buy back for the summer packages?Want to buy practical, especially minority package?We especially with today as a model Liu Wen, take you pick a pick.
Liu Wen tory burch shoes sale bag, most is each type of packet.The package of this size, because SIZE small, portable, very suitable for summer.
Pick one that hit the color too, can choose basic models of brown white, black color dumplings.
Simple mixed colors and wide shoulder straps, not only at first glance to be get to, and is very suitable for year four words.Tang Yan also back off.
Another is that some time ago we [the stars dress black list] mention of Gabrielle “wandering package”.
Neat and consistent chain of different mod tory burch wedges els, Gabrielle series either size or shape texture, all looks very wild casual, weakened before the formal s tory burch boots ense of a lot more suitable for daily back-up.
Recently a new small model, the design looks more gorgeous.(Grass this)
But black and white color, is regarded as a female star entertainment staff this year.Red, but the slightest mistake will become a “hot style street bag”.
Want even more refined low-key, you tory burch ballet flats have to choose in different materials and colors.
Such models such as tweed badge, back up the summer, but also as interesting.
Or, following this blue haze and small, from color to design Jian Jie atmosphere are TU, chains and metal logo fits nicely.Super popular this year with white or yellow are very nice.
Speaking explosion models, this would have to mention Gucci Sylvie tory burch wedges , the money from last year’s Milan Fashion Week began to rage, and now still in the “hard to find a pack of” state.
Gucci and take a large ones, there are Fendi handbags of this KAN I trumpet.
Plus double chain shoulder strap design, it can be removed like a cousin directly back strap, shoulder strap or the like scarves show field models together into battle.
Like the rich colors, you can choose several other, very much in line always playful tone Fendi.
In fact, go for style than the above several small square package, this year some of the more violent momentum oval package.
Chloe bracelet bag of The Nile, start fires directly from the show.